Wastewater is any water that has been contaminated by human use. Wastewater is "used water from any combination of domestic, industrial, commercial or agricultural activities, surface runoff or stormwater, and any sewer inflow or sewer infiltration".[1] Therefore, wastewater is a byproduct of domestic, industrial, commercial or agricultural activities. The characteristics of wastewater vary depending on the source. Types of wastewater include: domestic wastewater from households, municipal wastewater from communities and industrial wastewater. Wastewater can contain physical, chemical and biological pollutants.

There are many reasons why we must move forward with the wastewater project for the core area, not only to meet the federal regulations and provincial requirements. Managing wastewater is more than just selecting the technology; it also involves testing and knowing what is in the wastewater.
Treatment is part of the solution to manage impacts from the waste we produce, but we can also help by being more diligent in the personal-care and products we use. Wastewater treatment is a continuum and it must be built to provide flexibility for the future as regulations or needs change.
We at COEP understand this need of waste water treatment in Industry today and offer a wide range of steel tanks for storage of high volumes of waste and treated water. Our water tanks ranges from 10,000 litres up to 13 lakh litres and can be used to store waste water, intermediate water and treated water.


Used by the food, pharma, textile,engineering,mining and processing industries COEP Tanks are designed to suit project requirements and a highly cost effective solutions can be found.
COEP Prefab tanks have wide range and are suited to the requirement without compromising on quality, longevity or safety.

Some of the major important types of wastewater treatment process are as follows:

1. Effluent Treatment Plants (ETP)
2. Sewage Treatment Plants (STP)
3. Common & Combined Effluent Treatment Plants (CETP)

Effluent Treatment Plants (ETP) :

Effluent treatment plants are used by leading companies in the pharmaceutical & chemical industry to purify water & remove any toxic & no toxic materials or chemicals from it.These plants are used by all companies for environment protection.


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